6 Tips When buying Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet from China


Ⅰ.Why Import Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet from China?

1.Good Quality

As the good old adage goes, “Quality is the best business plan.” And this also applies to industries that revolve around stone use. As one of the biggest stone manufacturers in the world, China has devised practical yet innovative stone processing solutions that focus on producing high-quality stones at large quantities.

2.Lower Price

China’s systematized processing procedures don’t just filter products for quality. They also significantly cut down production costs, making it possible for Chinese suppliers to offer Bathtub and Wash basin at a lower price.

Add to that, whether you’re flying to China or you’re putting your faith in air or sea cargoes, buying Bathtub and Wash basin in bulk can help you get huge savings from paying products at their wholesale prices.


3.Numerous Manufacturers

In China, only the Foshan and Zhaoqing production areas currently have more than 5,000 large and small bathroom companies, but regardless of whether the bathroom companies are large or small, they will have their own bathtub products, most of which are acrylic bathtubs and bathtubs. There are dozens of product styles, and the product categories range from ordinary bathtubs to multi-functional massage bathtubs. According to industry insiders, the bathtub industry in Foshan has been developing for a long time, and all links of the industrial chain are relatively complete. The upstream supporting industries such as molds, electromechanical, raw materials, and ingredients have developed rapidly, which has promoted the rapid development of the bathtub industry. Sanitary ware companies attach great importance to the quality and brand building of bathtubs.


Ⅱ.Where to Import Bathtub and Bathroom Sinks

and Bathroom cabinet from China?

1. Alibaba

Reigning supreme in the Chinese eCommerce business is Alibaba, a reliable online platform that hosts millions of users, which include small and big businesses. Just like eBay and Amazon, Alibaba allows users and shoppers to meet, transact, and negotiate in one digital space.


2. Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is a long-standing Chinese tradition where shoppers and entrepreneurs from all over the world gather together to search for unique trading opportunities. In response to the pandemic, the Canton Fair 2020 is held online, where items including Bathtub and Wash basin can be shipped via cargo arrangements.


3. Foshan 

Built to simplify online transactions and shipments, Foshan connects you to reputable Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet manufacturers in China without asking you to go the extra mile. Foshan city is  the original manufacturing clusters,it is very important building materials cluster in China.Therefore,many Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet manufacturers have sales centers,offices or showrooms in Foshan city.Here you can find all beautiful designs and get good price too.As to our past experience,buying stones from Foshan is more convenient because most Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet companies are experienced in  exportation.You can get professional quotation very fast and no need to worry about China exporting processes.



4. China Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Bases

Directly contacting Chinese Sanitary Ware manufacturing companies such as Guangdong and Fujian can help speed up your importing process.However,some of them are not familair with the exportation or even can’t speak English.You may find hard to communicate if directly chat with the manufacturers.But FoShan T&W Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd have a professional foreign trade team can help you.

5. Find a Sourcing Agent 

Lastly, if you want to free your hands from any first-hand negotiations, you can look for a sourcing agent as your final resort. Easy and hassle-free, having an agent that acts as your middle person allows you to focus on conceptualizing and improving your business.Here what I mean “sourcing agent”,it should be a company,not individual.The company to choose should at least meet below requirements.

Ⅲ.Types of materials for Bathtubs

1.  Acrylic Bathtub


The surface of the acrylic material is polymethyl propionate, and the back is made of resin gypsum and glass fiber. Some people call it a plexiglass bathtub. Light weight, easy to install; good heat preservation performance; good gloss; rich in shape and color; low cost and large market share.



2.  Artificial Stone Bathtub


The artificial stone bathtub has higher impact resistance, flexibility, compression resistance and permeability resistance than other stone materials, and its wear resistance, acid resistance and high temperature resistance are also very strong.The artificial stone bathtub has a complete variety of colors and colors, can be formed as a whole, and can be repeatedly polished and innovated.


3.  Cast iron Bathtub


It is made of cast iron and covered with enamel. Long service life; easy to clean, good heat preservation performance; good gloss; good acid and alkali resistance and abrasion resistance. However, the heavy weight makes it difficult to handle and install; it is expensive.


4.  Steel Bathtub

The steel plate cylinder is made of a whole piece of bathtub-specific steel plate with a thickness of about 2mm through stamping and forming, and the surface is then enamel-treated. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance and pressure resistance. The weight is between the cast iron cylinder and the acrylic cylinder. Because the steel plate is thin, the firmness is not enough, the noise is large, the surface is easy to peel off, and the heat preservation performance is not good, so some increase The insulation layer.


5.  Wooden Bathtub


The materials are nanmu, cypress, oak, fir, pine, etc. The overall performance of the nanmu bath barrel is the best, but it is rarely seen on the market. Pine and cedar bath tubs are prone to moisture, blackening, and mildew, and their overall performance is poor. It has the advantages of heat preservation, environmental protection, small footprint, easy cleaning, long life, and convenient installation. But in the case of long-term dryness, it is easy to crack, so if you do not use it for a long time, put some water in the bucket.


6. Ceramic Bathtub


Not much to say, it is very fragile, I am afraid it has been basically eliminated in the market.

Ⅳ.How to Buy Bathtub from China: The Step-by-Step Purchase Process

1.  Choose style and shape


According to the style: it can be divided into cylinders without skirts and cylinders with skirts;

According to the shape: can be divided into heart, circle, oval, rectangle, triangle, etc.;


2.  Choosing Sizes and Thickness


Different home spaces need to buy bathtubs and wash basins of different sizes. Therefore, if you want to buy sanitary ware that is suitable for your home home space and can be used with ease, you must pay attention to the corresponding skills during the purchase process., do your homework by researching for the appropriate bathtubs and wash basins size and thickness for your target application.


3. Confirm materials and quotations


After confirming the materials and quantity, please confirm the order on the selected platform, and then wait for the quotation to be released. Usually, quotations require 1-2 processing days.



4. Produce and Pay

If the quotation is reasonable and you want to continue the online transaction, the next step is to pay through a secure channel. Your payment gave the merchant the green light for the final processing step.


5.Packing and Delivery

Package,loading,shipping are quite important to make sure what you receive are complete.Sometimes wrong loading ways damage the Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet seriously.That means you for nothing.Therefore,buying from a professional supplier is the best way to protect your benefits.


Ⅴ.Problems You May Have When Importing Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet from China

1. Language Barrier

A gap in communication due to language differences can be a huge stumbling block when it comes to making any international negotiations. But thanks to technology, this problem can now take the backseat.


Platforms like Alibaba and Foshan Sourcing have created solutions long before communication barriers arise by using English as one of its main mediums. Even the famous Canton Fair uses technology to help traders negotiate by auto-language translating apps that were designed to lessen misunderstandings and offer clarity on both transacting parties.


By making use of translating apps or turning to online platforms that serve as your bridge to Chinese traders, you can now effortlessly ship items from China without twisting a tongue.

Remarks:some manufacturers can’t speak English but they have very good quality Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet.In this situation,a trading company or sourcing agent is a good choice.


2.Quality Issue


It’s hard to tell the quality of a product especially if you just bought it online, but that is the reality you need to face as someone who imports goods from a different country. The key here is to find a reliable Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet manufacturing company and Ecommerce business that will stay committed to delivering top quality materials to your warehouse.


3.Long Lead Time and Delayed Shipment 

If there is anything manufacturing and e-commerce companies have little control over, it is the lead time of shipments, especially if you incorporate custom policies and adverse weather conditions into the many factors that can affect shipments.

However, you can ask manufacturing and shipping companies to increase the transparency required for shipping, thereby reducing the risk of you being at the end of the waiting list. Does the contract include a delivery policy or possible refunds in case of delays? When do they expect to ship? Can the company provide you with a way to guarantee delivery time?



4.Damaged Packaging

The worst packages are not delayed packages, but severely damaged packages. Since many unfavorable things can happen between transportation, you must protect yourself by looking for a guarantee. In addition, may I ask whether the e-commerce company you choose is covered by any insurance to prevent transportation problems. If so, do you need to pay additional insurance premiums? In case your package is damaged, how can you make a claim?

By taking a step forward to learn about these processes, you can have the peace of mind you need (and deserve) as your orders are being packed and delivered.


Ⅵ.Top Tips When Buying Bathtub

1. Check the Quality of Bathtub

Look at the gloss. Learn the pros and cons of the material by looking at the gloss, which is suitable for any kind of bathtub. Touch the smoothness of the surface. It is suitable for steel and cast iron bathtubs, because these two bathtubs need to be plated with enamel, the plating process is not good, and subtle ripples will appear. Test the firmness with hands and feet. The sturdiness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material, and it is not visible by visual inspection. You need to try it yourself, such as standing in, whether it feels sinking. It depends on whether the functional accessories and location design are scientific, reasonable and practical, and whether the workmanship is fine. You should freely choose a bathtub with anti-slip measures, especially those used by the elderly.


To tell the truth,checking the quality before loading is quite important.This can make sure the products are what you order.Otherwise,sometimes there are “big surprises” when you receive the container.


2.  Negotiating the Price

Prices always depend on quality, and this also applies when you’re buying any Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet.  But this can also change, too, depending not just on material, but on color and unique attributes as well.


While pricing may vary, one thing will always remain constant: it’s cheaper to buy Bathtub,Wash basin and Bathroom cabinet from Chinese or Indian manufacturers that can sell products in bulk. If you need help with negotiating prices, it’s best that you find a China-based sourcing agent who can give you access to lower-priced products.

There are so many sourcing agents in China.Which one is the best?Maybe you don’t know,a professional sourcing agent can help you negotiate the price more than 25% off.On the other hand,an unprofessional agent is just an interpreter,he/she can’t help you identify the supplier,negotiate the price,either.Therefore.choosing the one who know your product market is top important.After all,it’s not wise to hire a clothes sourcing agent to source Sanitary Ware for you.


3.Secured Payment Channels for China-Based Suppliers

China is an export and import leader that is open to different mediums that can facilitate fast transactions for international traders. Some of the secured regular ways to process payments to China include these platforms:


★Paypal              International Wire Transfer         Western Union


Escrow            Credit or Debit Card                    Letters of Credit


X-transfer        TransferWise                               Sourcing Agencies


These terms of payment have been covered many times in our previous articles and will not be repeated here.Please read below article to know more about payment ways.


4.Delivery Options

Shopping online is just half the job. Getting items delivered to your country is the second half.


In terms of shipping, please pay attention to the following options:


1) Let the manufacturing/e-commerce company handle the transportation,


2) By contacting a Chinese freight company or you can arrange a local freight company from China to your country to handle the freight in person.


As we mentioned before, hiring a Chinese purchasing agent to take care of all export processes is the best option. On the one hand, purchasing agents have a long-term cooperative relationship with shipping companies, and they can get better shipping prices than you. A good purchasing agent knows how to export professionally and will not cause you any trouble. Import easily and save money, why not?


4.Transit Times

In order to give you a general understanding, the transportation time involves production time and actual sea travel/delivery time. Production time is always longer than planned. If you need goods urgently, please make sure that the supplier you bought can complete the goods as promised. Otherwise, you will feel unhappy because the supplier has many delays. Once the merchandise is ready, load it. If your supplier is professional, you can complete the shipment within a week. In addition, if you need goods urgently, for example within 4 months, it is best to tell your supplier. If the goods stay, some of them will charge the inventory for too long in their warehouse.



5.Finding a sourcing agent when buying Sanitary Ware from China

As we mentioned before, since there are too many purchasing agents in China, you need to talk and determine who will be your good partner. A trusted, professional, friendly, relaxed, and considerate partner will help you easily import. But if you find it troublesome, you can directly communicate with the professional foreign trade team of T&W Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.