How to choose the family bathtub size?

If you choose the right size of the bathtub, it will not only make us more comfortable in the bath, but also help us to better decorate the bathroom. Many people don’t know much about the size of family bathtubs, and they don’t even know what bathtub sizes are in general. Next, let’s share with you the common bathtub specifications and sizes, so that you can use them as a reference when choosing a bathtub.



[What are the general bathtub sizes]

The size of the bathtub is not only related to the size of the space, but also directly related to the functional design of the bathtub. Generally, the length of the bathtub ranges from 1.2 meters to 1.7 meters, and the depth is between 50 and 70 cm. Bathtubs with a length of less than 1.5 meters are often deeper than ordinary bathtubs, about 70 cm in depth. This is often referred to as a sitz bath. Due to the small area of the bottom of the tank, this type of bathtub is easier to stand than ordinary bathtubs, which saves space and does not affect use. Comfort. Let's take a look at some common bathtub sizes. This is of great help when we decorate the bathroom.


I. Type, length, width and height of bathtub

1. Ordinary bathtub size: length: 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700 mm; width: 700~900mm height: 355~518mm

2. The size of the seat-bubble bathtub: length 1100mm, width 700mm, height 475mm (310mm sitting area)

3. Massage bathtub size: length 1500 mm, width 800~900 mm, height 470mm

4. Double bathtub size: length 1700~2000mm, width 1100~1800mm, height 580~800mm



II. The standard sizes of bathtubs of different shapes are as follows

1. Square bathtub size

①There are basically several types of square bathtub lengths: 1.5 meters, 1.6 meters, 1.7 meters, 1.8 meters, and 1.9 meters, but most of them use the length of 1.7 meters, which is the average height of most people.

②The width of the square bathtub is basically: 0.7m, 0.75m, 0.8m, 0.85m, 0.9m are relatively rare, and the most used is 0.8m.

③The height of the square bathtub is basically between 0.58m and 0.9m, with 0.7m common.



2. Fan-shaped bathtub size


The shape of the fan-shaped bathtub determines that it has an excellent performance in a modern bathroom. It is installed in a corner of the bathroom and saves space to the greatest extent. At present, the common fan-shaped bathtub size in the bathroom market has a common diameter range of 1.4 meters to 1.7 meters; the minimum size of the common fan-shaped bathtub can reach a diameter of 1.2 meters, which is almost the same as the common fan-shaped bathtub while ensuring practicality. The smallest size; some fan-shaped bathtubs are more than 1.7 meters in size. Fan-shaped bathtubs of this size are only suitable for bathrooms with larger spaces.



3. Round bathtub size


Round bathtubs are generally larger, mostly 1.3 meters to 1.8 meters in diameter. Round bathtubs consume a lot of water and occupy a large area. Most of them are used in villas. Triangular bathtubs are generally used less, and there are some irregular-shaped bathtubs, which are used in large bathrooms and are rarely used in families.



4. Wooden bathtub size


The name of the bathtub, which is mainly made of wood, has also changed and it is called a bathtub. The size and length of the wooden bath tub basically range from 900mm to 1500mm, and the most bought ones are 1200mm-1300mm. This is mainly based on the height of the consumer and the size of the bathroom. Generally, consumers who are 1.7m-1.75m tall are advised to buy a wooden bathtub with a length of 1300mm, which is more comfortable. 1 Consumers who are 1.75-1.8m tall are advised to buy a 1500mm length.


[How to choose family bathtub size]


Seat bubble bath size


The seat-bubble bathtub is the smallest bathtub with a length of 120 cm. It is mainly for children. Its length is less than 1.5 meters, and its depth is much deeper than ordinary bathtubs, about 70 cm, the most prominent One thing is that the area of the bottom of the tank is small, and it is easier to stand than ordinary bathtubs. This structure not only saves space, but also does not affect the comfort during use.


Round bathtub size


Round bathtubs consume more water and require a large area. This type of bathtub is much more upscale than its large bathtubs. Round bathtubs are rarely used in general households, and most of them can only be seen in villas. This kind of bathtub is also relatively comfortable when bathing because of its large area and sufficient water volume.



Oval bathtub


The size of an oval bathtub is mostly the same as a square, but there is a round bathtub that is less than 140 cm in length, but its height is relatively high. Every part of the body can be fully immersed, and the material is mainly wood. In addition, the oval bathtub is also called a bathtub.