Several ergonomic sizes that must be collected in bathroom cabinet design

The bathroom cabinet has a vital position in the bathroom. It affects the style of the entire bathroom and highlights the owner's taste. A bathroom cabinet with brilliant colors mixed and matched can make your bathroom more emotional, bring a good mood to the family, and restore peace of mind.

Therefore, when designing the space of the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet is very important, because it not only bears the decorative effect, but also its storage function. So, how should we choose to design bathroom cabinets?


I. The size of bathroom cabinet

The most common standard size of bathroom cabinets is 800mm~1000mm long (generally including hanging cabinets), and width (wall distance) is 450mm~500mm.

Since bathrooms are basically the same size, it is rare for oversized bathroom cabinets and super small bathroom cabinets in the market.

In addition to the commonly used standard sizes, bathroom cabinets have a length of 1200mm. Generally, European and simple European bathroom cabinets are larger in size, because most of them need to add side cabinets, which can reach 1600mm.

The mirror cabinet is generally installed in the middle of the main cabinet, with the two sides retracted by 50mm to 100mm, and the height is about 250mm.


II. Classification of bathroom cabinets


1. Classified by material


With the continuous development of modern manufacturing technology, there are more and more raw materials for manufacturing bathroom cabinets, and the market can be roughly divided into PVC bathroom cabinets, solid wood bathroom cabinets, multilayer bathroom cabinets, and stainless steel bathroom cabinets. Cabinets and bathroom cabinets made of aluminum alloy materials.


2. Classified by function


Bathroom cabinets are generally classified according to their functions. For example, the overall bathroom cabinet includes a main cabinet and a mirror cabinet. The storage function is strong, but it occupies a large area and is generally suitable for a bathroom with a large space. However, the combined bathroom cabinet is small in size, but has a very strong storage function, which is very suitable for small apartment bathroom decoration.


3. Classified by installation


There are two types of bathroom cabinets: floor-standing and hanging. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two bathroom cabinets.



Most of the finished cabinets are floor-standing. Because of their simple style and easy installation, they have been the mainstream of bathroom cabinets for a long time.




Floor-standing bathroom cabinets are easy to move, have ample storage space, and have no restrictions on installing walls. They are suitable for families with high storage requirements.



Floor-standing bathroom cabinets are heavier than hanging ones, and the bottom of the cabinet is easy to get damp, and it is easy to produce sanitary corners.



The hanging bathroom cabinet is fixed on the wall, which looks more lightweight.



The appearance is higher and more dexterous, which can save space. The suspended bottom is easier to clean, and it can prevent the moisture in the bathroom from extending into the cabinet. It is suitable for the bathroom with small space and low storage requirements.



Hanging bathroom cabinets have higher requirements for installation. Except for the drainage of the wash basin, wall drains are required. The wall to be installed is preferably a load-bearing wall or a thick wall.


Of course, the choice of bathroom cabinet style depends on the drainage method of the bathroom basin and the load-bearing capacity of the wall, and the final installation depends on the actual situation of the occupant.


4. Classified by style


As modern people's home decoration styles become more and more diversified, the styles of bathroom cabinets are also diversified to meet people's different needs. According to the style, the bathroom cabinets are classified into classic style, modern classic style, simple fashion style, Mediterranean style, etc.

The modern style is quite satisfactory, and the bathroom cabinets that have appeared in recent years are mainly to meet the needs of young people born in the 90s.